SBO 01003 SALE Dichroic Lampwork Beads


SBO 01003 Sam Black Original Lampwork Dichroic Beads

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SBO 01003 Sam Black Original Lampwork Beads. 3 Dichroic beads in various colors and 1 blue/off white wave design. Great for focal pieces or as a single bead.

Lampwork beads are individually crafted by hand  by melting various colored rods of glass over oxygen and propane.  No two beads are exactly the same.  Slight variation in size, proportion, and design are part of the characteristic and charm of handmade work. creating unique designs.  EACH bead takes approximately 20 minutes to create then it is put in a kiln overnight. It is a very time consuming process but creates truly unique beads.

Shipping depends on total weight of beads ordered.