About Design-Your-Gift

Our Story

Owner, Sam Black, started designing and making jewelry in 2005 as a productive hobby and outlet for her creativity.

Sam was frustrated with so many pieces of jewelry collecting dust in the jewelry box because they didn’t fit (bracelets too small and chokers choking you) or too difficult to get on and off (lobster claw clasps are the worst) or were not the right color or style. That’s when Sam envisioned a concept in which people could create their own jewelry that’s comfortable, easy to wear and designed to YOUR style… and Design-Your-Gift was born.

Sam’s hobby has mushroomed into a wonderful destination activity here in SWFL, at our unique shop located at 3431 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 206, Bonita Springs, FL. You’ll find almost 1,000 handmade, one-of-a-kind, pieces ready for purchase and over 40,000 beads, many from around the world! Locals and travelers alike can join us in-store in the “The Bead Box” to create their own unique jewelry designs for themselves or as the perfect customized gift!

Our Mission is to help people create customized gifts that show the thoughtfulness and caring for the recipient - whether it's a hard to fit size, a specific length, or that favorite color!