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Until I have my products set up online, please your request for jewelry. I will call you to discuss your order in more detail and get the specifics (gold/silver findings, length, etc.) 

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How I Got Started and Testimonials

Sam Black, owner of Design-Your-GiftI started designing and making jewelry in 2005 as an outlet for my creativity and desire to have a productive hobby. I also had many pieces of jewelry given to me as gifts that sat wasting away in my jewelry box. They didn’t fit (bracelets too small for my large 8 inch wrist and chokers choking me), or were not my colors. I couldn’t get them on (I HATE lobster claw clasps) or they needed those teeny, hard-to-get-on safety stoppers on the French wire (I prefer lever backs.) I wanted to provide a way for people to have jewelry that was comfortable, easy to get on and off, and in the colors and styles that fit their personality or the personality of their gift recipient. My concept, Design-Your-Gift, was the answer.

Without this service, if someone found a jewelry item at a store in purple and silver, and knew their friend liked purple and gold, they might still buy the gift because of the purple. In my selections, the ideal purple and gold gift can be designed and created! Turn time can be as fast as 48 hours! No more hours searching stores for the right gift and sometimes settling because you ran out of time.

My hobby has mushroomed into a wonderful destination activity here in SWFL. I have over 2000 pieces made for purchase and 40,000 beads, many from around the world as I shop during my travels. Customers can use them to create their own customized gifts. Every piece is a unique design whether I make it …or YOU create it! As I add more photos to the website, if you see something you like but want it made in silver rather than gold, or want a toggle clasp versus a lobster claw, a magnetic clasp versus a toggle, or want lever backs versus posts versus French wires, or want the exact same style of bracelet but in turquoise instead of amethyst, red instead of black, freshwater pearl coins instead of round pearls…the choice is yours!




Received my earrings and wore them on Friday.  Got lots of compliments!  I’m (almost) glad that you don’t live locally.  I would be bankrupt after playing in the bead box too much!  :-)  Nancy H, Miami

"The kids (great nephew and niece) had a lot of fun picking the colors and the beads and their great grandmother adores the handmade necklace!"  Carolyn H, Naples



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